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Principal team members have been deeply involved in the region's diverse communications challenge since 1980. 

Since 1980, ACSSC founders and staff have provided translation assistance to agencies across the public information spectrum. 

These communication specialists were instrumental in designing and executing the unprecedented response
success of Houston's 2010 Census.

Project Team

Dr. Steve Murdock, Rice University Hobby Center for the Study of Texas
Mr. Jerry Wood, Regional Planning & Demographic Specialist
Ms. Glenda Joe, Communications & Multilingual Specialist
Ms. Yani Keo, CEO Alliance for Multicultural Community Services
Ms. Phan Duy, Diverse Media Communications Specialist
Ms. Danielle Surkatty, Project Development Associate
Ms. Jennifer Fanjing Greene, Language & Communications Specialist, Pegasus 
Mr. Jimmy Nguyen, Project Partners Development
Dr. Mike Cline, Rice University Hobby Center for the Study of Texas
Dr. Stephen Klineberg, Rice University, Houston Area Survey
Dr. Denise C. Walker, Chief Emergency Management Officer, Lone Star College System

Project Advisors

Mr. Michael Chou
   Co-Founder Asian Chamber of
The Honorable Judge Theresa Chang
   Harris County Civil Courts
Ms. Margaret Menger
  Communications & Training Strategist
Mr. Alan Nguyen
   Project Counsel of Record
Mr. Jim Murphy
   Westchase District, Texas State Rep.
Ms. Mariam Issa
   Global Partners Strategist

Project Management

Asian Community Support Services Center, Inc.

Founded 1980 Houston, Texas

IRS Nonprofit ID:  76-0053869

Director: Glenda Joe

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