Market Smart
for the Region

Texans realistically
understand addressing
the challenges of
correcting our vital
information access
deficits cannot be solely
a public sector

Not only would it be
cost prohibitive,
we have learned
that some of the
best ideas may
actually come from
the region's market
place of ideas.


What We Do ...

Houston Language Bank (HLB) designs customized messaging products with digital delivery of vital public information in-language for public and private sector communications systems.

Information Product Designs for Messaging & Delivery 


Public Safety: Essential Info in English bilingual PDF formats. Hurricane Preparedness Samples
Public Health: Essential Info in English bilingual PDF formats
Emergency Alerts: Essential Information Text / Audio Language Conversions Programs
Homeland Security: - "SEE Something - SAY Something" Messaging  
   Essential Info in English bilingual PDF formats
- Human Trafficking, Early-Warning Youth Radicalization Info, Intel Tips
Crime Reporting: Initialized language conversion program for preliminary incident reporting to improve efficacy of law enforcement response; to address 'Crime Victims Not Reporting'



HLB Digital Communication Networks - Regional Reach
- In-Language / Culture Specific Media
- Regional Public Sector Partners
- Consulate Generals Offices
- Refugee Resettlement Agencies & Affiliates
- Immigrant Enterprise / Business Sector
- Community-Based Service Providers
- Immigrant Health Centers
- Regional Women's Centers
- International Student Organizations
- Culture/Language Specific Social Media
- And, more...

FORMATS for Digital Delivery Optimization
- English bilingual essential information PDF formats
- Easy to link, easy to share; easy to print & distribute
- Language conversion programs designed for specific info delivery
- Essential info content focus on minimizing messaging
- Auto-delivery options per client requirements

HLB Customizes Communication Solutions 
per Client requirements

- Design & execution of Needs Assessment for
- Public Sector departments & agencies
- Constituent Language Groups in area tax base
- Reciprocal Needs Assessment Protocol
- Prioritizing vital information targets
- Identification of process time and cost efficiencies
- Effecting efficient messaging and information delivery

- Regional Demographics - Current & Trending
- Region-Tested Communication Best Practices
- Professional development for public sector Communications Staff

- Website page coding for translation posting
- Web page formatting for standardizing diverse language writing systems

- Brokering needs to Resources
- Brokering needs to Resources Outcome Matching
- In-Language Communication Partnerships Recruitment
- Public Sector Communication Budget Planning & Projecting


- Targeted Message Delivery Strategies Customized to each Language Community
- 'Drive-to-link' Awareness Campaigns in Diverse Media & Influence Networks
- Viral Communication Strategies - Language community info-infrastructure impact
- Maximize Message Delivery Impact - via expertise in each in-language Info-Flow Profile


Needs Assessment Reviews

Houston Language Bank designs and conducts customized Needs Assessment for both Public Sector and Constituent Community Partners.  This 2-way, reciprocal Needs Assessment protocol allows for prioritizing vital information targets; generating time and cost efficiencies, as well a effective message delivery.


Training - Demographics & Communication Best Practices

Houston Language Bank conducts hands-on outcomes oriented training for Public Sector decision-makers customized to meet specific professional staff development in communications. 
Highly targeted training modules build and imbed current and trending demographics of the region's constituents. 

Training in efficient 21st century communication technologies and effective messaging strategies, proven to work in Houston, is tailored for specific vital public information content users.


Brokering Needs to Resources

Houston Language Bank matches Need to Resources.  Our Needs Assessment with public sector departments and with constituent groups identifies areas of Language Access needs and develops levels of support among regional stakeholders.



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