Robbery Prevention

Houston Language Bank (HLB) and our partners launched this Online Multi-Lingual Communications Initiative.

In partnership with the region's community and business stakeholders, international media, foreign consulates, chambers of commerce and Master Translators, HLB will generate in-language vital information in as many languages as needed for selected issues in public safety, water conservation and recycling for the region.


2015 Crime Reduction Initiative

Mike Laster, District J
Council Member
City of Houston

Council Member MIKE LASTER sponsored this unprecedented Crime Reduction Initiative - April 2015.

By funding extra HPD patrols in his District, Mr. Laster's initiative  resulted in unprecedented  progress in public safety for families and businesses in the southwest Houston region.

In 3 months, District J's Anti-Crime Initiative jailed 278 criminals, in felony & misdemeanor arrests.


Thank You, Mike!

District J Results




Robbery Prevention - Southeast Texas Region

Bilingual - Multilingual Info Product Design & Digital Delivery

PRIORITY:  Critical

Houston Language Bank (HLB) designed and delivered this  Robbery Prevention information for Regional Language Communities.  HLB delivered these bilingual messaging PDF products to our regional communications partners, including in-language media, community organizations and refugee resettlement agencies.

Robbery & Theft are the Most Common Crimes 

From petty theft to armed assaults, a single criminal perpetrator can be responsible for scores of crime.  In our Greater Metro Region, these predators look for vulnerable targets like the elderly, women, youngsters and anyone else that is not paying attention to their surroundings.

Houston Language Bank, in response to this growing need, posts bilingual Robbery Prevention information for our Regional Language Communities.



Vietnamese - Phòng  ngừa  Trộm  Cắp

Chinese - 預防搶劫 須知


Translations in process

Khmer / Cambodian



Houston Language Bank's Elite Corps of

Master Translators:

Chinese: Judd Huang / Texas Chinese Radio, Jennifer Fanjing Greene / Pegasus 
Vietnamese:  Tran Nguyen, Phan Duy, Phillip Nguyen



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