Master Translators

In Houston, since the Immigration Reform Act of 1965, followed closely by the unprecedented migration of Southeast Asian refugees beginning in 1975, our region has been blessed with the contributions of 'Master Translators' from all over the world!  Time and again, they have surfaced on our region's civic landscape as quiet, but gifted 'shepherds' of our shared future as a World City Metro areas.

We are grateful to have this opportunity to acknowledge and honor their selfless contributions to our peaceful, productive emergence as one of the most diverse cities in the U.S.

This elite corps of 'Master Translators' arrived in Southeast Texas at different times, from very different parts of the globe.  They were refugees. They were immigrants. What they all had in common was their gift of translating, not just in-language, but in communicating meaningful resonance of cultural ideas for their communities. 

In 1980, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean and Japanese 'Master Translators' donated their gifts to our successful conflict resolution work to mediate racial tensions with native fishermen and the KKK along the Texas Gulf Coast.  In the 1990's, 'Master Translators' were instrumental in resolving conflicts between Asian merchants in African American neighborhoods in Houston.

In Houston's 2000 & 2010 US Census campaigns, our 'Master Translators' were key to motivating unprecedented response rates in their language communities, erasing four decades of chronic undercounts, and returning up to $1B in federal tax dollars back to our City.

Houston's 'Master Translators' are highly educated individuals. They have been scientists, journalists, professors, doctors, politicians, faith leaders, business entrepreneurs, and even members of royal families in their countries of origin.

Master Translators for Houston Language Bank will be tasked primarily for translation review for accuracy and for training aspiring translators to deliver the most accurate translations. When needed, they will be available to advise on initial translation requests for vital public information for their cultural communities.

Thank You to Our First-Tier Master Translators in Houston!

Tran Nguyen Yani Rose Keo Daniel Watanabe
C.Y. Kim   Phillip Nguyen  Phan Duy
Miriam Diria Azeb Desta Gashaw Debela
Robin Feng Debbie Lee Methode Butoyi
Yasmena Samahy Dongwook Yang Lisa Sun
Khrishna Giri  Rajeev Gadgil Judd Huang
To Thuy Yen Quan Dang Fan Jing Greene
Dana M. Hable Tim Keo Daniel Bustamante



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